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6 Things to Know About Aging Out of Your Parents’ Health Insurance

Posted on: April 24, 2020 by titan-goodrich

The Affordable Care Act allows young adults to avoid high premiums and retain health insurance coverage as a dependent on their parents’ health insurance plans. What age you get the boot and need to insure yourself varies. The ACA states that you lose coverage from your parents’ plans at age 26. Some states, like New […] Read More

Giving Back to Your Employees: Why a Great Benefits Package Matters

Posted on: by titan-goodrich

Ray Silverstein, president of small business advisory group President’s Resource Organization, has said that there are specific benefits that good employees expect out of a job. Entrepreneur published his perspective that while medical insurance is at the top of that list of expectations, business owners should also be intentional about offering employees retirement plans, disability […] Read More

What Does It Mean to Be Financially Literate?

Posted on: April 17, 2020 by titan-goodrich

April has been Financial Literacy Month since 2004, when the Senate passed a resolution aimed at helping the public see just how important it was to pursue financial education. A person who is financially “literate” knows how to budget, knows how to invest, and knows how to manage long-term finances. In general, you can consider […] Read More

Awareness and Safety Amid COVID-19

Posted on: April 10, 2020 by titan-goodrich

The world has been filled with chaos and worry amid the coronavirus outbreak that has affected many people around the world. In response to the virus, many businesses have been forced to shut down and states have begun issuing stay at home orders. Below are some facts about the virus and what you can do […] Read More

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