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4 Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid

Posted on: June 23, 2017 by titan-goodrich

As a retailer, your customers are the backbone to your success. Quality customer service is invaluable to your business not only to uphold your reputation, but to keep people coming back. In the age of automation, it can be easy to overlook some key components that result in a more positive customer experience, so we have created this list of four common mistakes to avoid when it comes to running your retail business. Before reading on, be sure to address your insurance needs with a VA Retail Insurance Program.

Mistake #1: Over-automation.

Yes, automation does make things easier. But make sure you don’t neglect the customer experience by removing all personalizing touches. For example, if you offer online support, be sure to include phone support as well. Online chatting can be confusing, not to mention impersonal, so we recommend adding a secondary option. Next, provide a clear phone number for your customers to contact with issues or concerns; no one wants to waste time navigating a complex phone web trying to get a hold of customer support.

Mistake #2: Being reactive rather than proactive.

Rather than simply creating a way to handle already unhappy customers, start at the source. Why are they unhappy? What are the major issues that people complain about? Is there a common trend? Get to the root of the problem to resolve conflicts before they begin.

Mistake #3: Not valuing staff.

Often enough, retail employees are paid minimally. However, in an industry where they are the face of your business, and are responsible for interacting with your prized customers, it’s worth it to show your appreciation for them. Provide ample training, give them the tools they need to sell and interact, and pay them fairly for their efforts.

Mistake #4: Underdelivering.

According to Robert C. Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport, customers want accurate answers or quick, efficient and respectful solutions. Getting that to the customer is the most important thing, even if the answer or solution is not ideal, he explains to Business News Daily.

Give customers what they want. From the right products to the service and resolution they need, it’s your duty to deliver. Be sure to keep employees on the same page regarding what they promise and what they deliver. If you’re consistent, your customers will notice.

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