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Goodrich & Watson:

Protecting Your Assets with General Liability Insurance

As a business owner, you make decisions every day that affect your bottom line. Some of these decisions rely on how much risk you will take in certain areas, including those that involve your liability exposure. At Goodrich & Watson, we specialize in helping businesses throughout Virginia evaluate their exposures and put into place a comprehensive insurance program that helps to transfer these risks. We offer a complete set of business liability policies beginning with a Commercial General Liability insurance policy.

A Commercial General Liability policy insures your business for an injury to someone or damage to their property resulting from actions by your company or its employees. It expands broadly over many basic risks and will help with your legal defense costs if those arise. It will pay settlements and damages up to the limit on your policy and can be enhanced with Commercial Umbrella insurance.

A Brief Look at the General Liability Policy

Protects your business against claims for bodily injury and property damage related to the ownership and maintenance of the business premises, or as the result of business operations conducted both at and away from the business premises.

Protects your business against claims for bodily injury and property damages that result from faulty products or completed operations (work performed by the business).

Going Beyond a Commercial Liability Policy

As broad as a General Liability is, there are several areas in which coverage does not apply. This is where our expertise and experience also comes in. We will navigate you through what is and isn’t covered and provide you with guidance on how to fill in the gaps. For example, a General Liability policy typically doesn’t include exposures arising out of professional services, employment practices liability, directors and officers and cyber liability. For each of these and others you will need to add coverage. At Goodrich & Watson, we offer a broad portfolio of insurance products that can be added as endorsements to your General Liability policy or secured as separate policies.

In addition, some of our clients have liability risks particular to their industry niche, such as environmental liability for shopping centers and food contamination for restaurants – just to name a couple. We can accommodate these exposures with specific programs available from our insurance company partners.

Talk to Goodrich & Watson About Our Insurance Plans and Quality Service

We look forward to speaking with you about your business liability insurance needs. Please give us a call at 757-591-2032 to find out how we can help protect you today and into the future.

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