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Goodrich & Watson:

Delivering Virginia Workers Compensation Insurance Solutions for On-the-Job Injuries & Illnesses

VA Workers Compensation insurance coverage is mandatory in the Commonwealth of Virginia and is designed to provide employees hurt on the job with medical benefits and wage replacement while out of work. Workers Compensation also represents a significant expenditure for business across all industry segments due to rising medical costs, fraud, a company’s loss history and how these losses compare to other comparable businesses within its sector, and frequency and severity of claims, among other issues.

Return-to-Work Programs

A return to work (RTW) program is a proactive process used by an employer to help employees who have suffered work related injuries or illnesses return to their previous economic, social, and vocational status. A RTW program can include:

  • Short-term modification of work schedule and/or job duties to accommodate restrictions imposed by the employee’s treating physician
  • Modifications that vary based on the type of injury, the employee’s present physical ability and limitations, skills, and pre-injury responsibilities
  • Progressive return to full duty

Get Your Workers Comp Costs Under Control

Goodrich & Watson works with several insurance companies to provide our business clients throughout Virginia with affordable Workers Comp insurance coverage. Our insurer partners also work with our clients to help reduce exposures, increase safety in the workplace, and contain costs – all factors in driving down premiums.

Additionally, along with our insurance partners, we can offer you assistance in setting up an accident investigation program, safety programs, and more to help reduce on-the-job accidents and injuries and get employees back to work as soon as possible with return to work programs. We will also work with you to pinpoint red flags that may indicate where your business may be at risk for fraudulent claims.

Our professional staff will conduct a comprehensive review of all your documents, including your current Workers Compensation policy, your experience modification worksheet, payroll audits, and loss-sensitive rating adjustments, to see where we can make improvements and where there may have been problems or miscalculations.

Talk to Goodrich & Watson About Our Insurance Plans and Quality Service

We look forward to speaking with you about your workers compensation insurance needs. Please give us a call at 757-591-2032 to find out how we can help protect you today and into the future.

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