Contractor Training: Honing New Skills

Posted on: August 13, 2015 by titan-goodrich

As contractors are expected to be experts in their fields, training on new technologies and products in their industries is becoming increasingly important. VA Contractor General Liability can be reduced with the continued education of new innovations, industry standards, and upcoming changes to codes and policies.

Product marketing manager of Bradford White Water Heaters Chad Sanborn expressed the need for training on contractor’s specific trades when he stated “The means in which contractors are expected to conduct business are constantly evolving, so these professionals must continue to hone both their general business and technical skills.”

To promote this training, some states have already required a certain number of Continuing Education Units be completed for re-certification and licensure.

However, there is a shortage of manpower of young professionals in the field. Domenic DeCaria of Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc. seeks to change the stereotype associated with these trades. “We need to elevate the trades to move beyond old stereotypes. One of the goals of our training program is to encourage young trades people to understand that working with piping systems requires skill, though and experience.”

While most contractors can complete courses and training programs to excel in their craft, customer relation skills are just as critical. As there is so much competition, contractors need to broaden their skill set further than just technical skills.

“Many contractors carry the technical skills; however, some lack the basic business skills that are needed to keep repeat business and continue to grow,” said Sanborn. He also told Contractor Mag that professional trade organizations are offering continuing education to address this need and increasing their general business.

The latest training methods have been developed to become more modern in recent years. While articles, lectures, and demonstrations have been typical of contractor training techniques, John Zink of PHCC Educational Foundation claims the use of online training tools and webinars are becoming more common as methods are still evolving to suit the job’s needs. Customized courses to suit the specific trade are available with training textbooks that are available both online and as hard copies. Mobile-ready options are still being developed, as well, since most of the information can be accessed in between jobs.

At Goodrich & Watson, we understand the constantly evolving nature of contractor’s work and the risks associated with the industry. We offer competitive solution pricing to ensure your business and its assets are protected. For more information on our products and services, contact us today at (888) 829-5004.

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