First-Time Manager Tips

Posted on: February 18, 2016 by titan-goodrich

When it comes to running your business, owners want to not only make sure that they have the best VA Business Insurance to protect your business should anything happen, but also that they have the right supervisors to help manage the employees. Being a supervisor is about building up your team. Whether you have worked your way up through the company to a supervisor position, or are starting out in a new business, here are some great tips for new managers.

  • Don’t be Everyone’s Friend- There is a difference between being friendly as a manager and being everyone’s friend. There will come a point that you will have to discipline an employee and you do not want to have friendship getting in the way. This is one thing you must remember if you have worked your way up through the ranks in the business and are now supervising workers you used to meet with for drinks after work.
  • Fair vs. Equal- All employees want to be treated fairly at work, however being treated fairly is not the same as giving everyone the same thing. For example, everyone likes to be recognized when they work hard, but not everyone likes to be recognized the same way.
  • Ask Questions- Often, new managers feel that they have to know everything, however a change in title doesn’t automatically put information into your head. You don’t need to know everything; you just need to know how to find out information. Asking questions is always beneficial.
  • Relax and Vent- Being a manager comes with a lot of added stress and in order to effectively manage the workload with your new stress levels, you must find time to relax. On the same note, you must be able to vent about frustrations that you deal with in a safe and secure environment. You must find a time and place to vent confidentially and have someone that you trust will handle the conversation appropriately.
  • Meetings- As a manager, you will often be required to run meetings. Just as you do not like going to boring meetings that seem to drain you of all your energy, you want to be able to run a meeting that will not leave the attendees drained. Being able to run a good meeting will help to motivate workers at a higher level.
  • The Art of Delegation- One thing to remember as a manager is that while you are responsible for making sure that every task gets done, you do not have to do every task yourself. Being able to delegate tasks to appropriate workers is one of the most important things you do as a manager. This will also help you to keep your sanity as your personal ‘to-do’ list becomes more manageable.

At Goodrich & Watson Insurers Inc. we understand the how stressful it can be to be a new supervisor in the business. Contact us today at 888.829.5004 for information on our Business Insurance as well as other policies.


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