Restaurant Tips for Leveraging Social Media

Posted on: November 23, 2015 by titan-goodrich

As our culture becomes more interactive, the potential for social media to drive lucrative business to your restaurant is undeniable. As the average person uses social media on a daily basis, restaurant owners should recognize its value as it relates to their business’ profits, reputation, and brand. While you work to promote your business, your social media operations should be protected with a comprehensive VA Restaurant Insurance program.

Here are some tips in order to create a prosperous social media strategy.

Post Interesting Content- Facebook and Twitter are among the highest used social media platforms. Therefore, you need to post relevant and exciting content to engage with your followers.  Some ideas include special dishes, free recipes, interesting information about menu items, or even loyalty or trial discounts that will attract a steady stream of new visitors and likes, increasing visibility, according to Mike Gingerich.

Twitter and Instagram- This allows for the content and news to be shared visually. This is especially helpful when it comes to restaurants! Atmosphere, food, and drinks can be showcased via these platforms.

Create a Niche- Whatever makes your establishment unique is what you should capitalize on. If you run a sports bar, post about upcoming games and specials. Similarly, if you own a fine dining restaurant, post about new menu items, wines, events etc.

Check-Ins- Encourage your patrons to check-in by offering them a free drink or appetizer to drive traffic. In addition, great reviews are ideal for business as they are written by real, honest people.

Share the Menu- Picturesque photos of your food and drinks will draw curious customers. If you update the menu or share a new special, be sure to attach a link to the menu through your Facebook.

Monitor- The feedback you receive from your restaurant is critical. Proactively keep track of comments and reviews made about your restaurant through Hootsuite, ViralHeat, and Sendible to see what the buzz is about your establishment.

At Goodrich & Watson, we strive to provide quality restaurant solutions. From social media ventures to kitchen fires and falls, we’ve got you covered. For more information about our comprehensive coverage, contact us today at (888) 829-5004.

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