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Social Media Marketing Tips for the Holidays

Posted on: November 10, 2016 by titan-goodrich

The holiday season is the ideal opportunity for your Virginia Small Business to boost sales, win new customers, and end the year solidly in the black. To achieve success, you’ll need a solid marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd of other small businesses fighting for customers. Heed the following social media marketing tips for the holidays to boost your bottom line.

Think Outside the Box

During the holidays, people are bombarded with advertisements. Understandably, their inclination is to tune out anything that seems to be a blatant sales pitch. Instead of advertising in a traditional sense, advertise in an under-the-radar way. For example, instead of posting verbiage about your hot new products, post photos of your customers enjoying those products. Include their first names and last initials and hometown to show they’re real customers. How can you get those photos? Why not hold a contest on your website encouraging submissions? That, too, will create traffic and buzz (both good for business!)

Divide and Conquer

If you’re accustomed to focusing your social media efforts on one platform (Facebook or Twitter, for example), branch out! The more social media platforms on which you have a presence, the more eyeballs you’ll catch and shares you’ll get. It really doesn’t take much additional time or effort to Tweet or post on Instagram as well as post on Facebook as you usually do.

Go Local

If your potential customers exist across a wide geographic swath, be mindful of that in your marketing. For example, the weather in Virginia during the holiday season may be cold and snowy, but that’s not the case in Los Angeles or Phoenix. Tap into geo-targeting tools that tell you where your customers are located so you can personalize your message accordingly.

Offer Financial Incentives

Nothing is more appealing during the holidays than a deal. A study conducted by Forrester Consulting confirms that online coupons drive incremental business and encourage customers who may be on the fence to buy. Online coupons cut shopping cart abandonment more than 60%! Post coupons on your social media to encourage followers to buy.

After the holidays comes the New Year; both are incredibly busy times for a small business! Why not check a critical item off your to-do list early: having your insurance policies evaluated to make sure they still meet your needs? Contact us at Goodrich & Watson for all of your small business and personal insurance needs. We are here to help!



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