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Goodrich & Watson:

Open the Door to Comprehensive Office Building Insurance

When renting out office space, you have many concerns. You worry about occupancy rate, you want to ensure that your commercial tenants are happy so they continue to renew their leases, and you want to reduce risk and stem losses to keep costs under control, including your insurance premiums.

Goodrich & Watson can provide you with sound Office Building insurance and loss control solutions to protect your assets and help drive down your costs. Our relationship with top-tier insurers enables us to provide you with a business insurance package specifically tailored to office complexes.

Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome is used to describe situations in which building occupants experience acute health and comfort effects that appear to be linked to time spent in a building, but no specific illness or cause can be identified. The complaints may be localized in a particular room or zone, or may be widespread throughout the building. Causes of sick building syndrome can be due to inadequate ventilation, chemical contaminants from indoor sources and/or outdoor sources, and biological contaminants (mold, bacteria). Talk to us about making sure you have coverage that responds to this type of exposure.

A Broad Range of Coverages

Our professional staff would be happy to review several insurance products with you to design a tailored Office Building insurance program that meets your needs. Our program includes but is not limited to:

  • General Liability
  • Property
  • Commercial Umbrella
  • Workers Compensation
  • Crime & Fiduciary
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Leasehold Interest
  • Builder’s Risk & OCIP
  • Auto Liability
  • Pollution Liability
  • Business Interruption
  • Professional Liability
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability

Talk to Goodrich & Watson About Our Insurance Plans and Quality Service

We look forward to speaking with you about your office building insurance needs. Please give us a call at 757-591-2032 to find out how we can help protect you today and into the future.

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