Tips to Ensure Employee Safety While Traveling

Posted on: February 11, 2016 by titan-goodrich

Traveling for work is sometimes a necessity and crowded airports, travel delays and health risks make it a rather unglamorous part of the job. While you want to make sure to have the best Newport News Workers Compensation to cover your employees while they travel, here are some tips to make traveling on the job a bit easier and safer.



  • Have a way of tracking your employee travel and establish communication for safety purposes.
  • Ensure the traveling employee has the contact information of the company’s travel insurance provider in case they need assistance. This is particularly important should they be traveling out of the country.
  • Be aware of any health issues that a traveling employee may have and ensure that they are fit to travel.
  • Conduct training before an employee travels to make sure the employee is aware of risks while traveling and understands the response protocol.
  • Try not to send a group of employees in the same transport vehicle such as on the same flight, train, or in the same car.

While traveling, employees should remember to take care of themselves and take steps for their safety including:

  • Avoid any disturbances and steer clear of potential threats.
  • Check rental vehicles to be sure that they are in proper running condition.
  • Be familiar with the travel route as well as having access to a navigational system should an alternate route be necessary.
  • Pack health kits that include a first aid kit as well as any prescription medications that the employee may need.
  • Stay hydrated and avoid drinking alcohol to help reduce the effects of jet lag.

At Goodrich & Watson Insurers Inc. we understand the importance of keeping your employees healthy and safe while they travel. Contact us today at 888.829.5004 for information on our Workers Compensation Insurance as well as other policies

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