Newport News Auto Insurance: Myths vs Reality

Posted on: October 14, 2014 by titan-goodrich

Newport News Auto Insurance: Myths vs Reality

You may have heard some surprising claims about what does and does not affect your auto insurance rates as a Newport News consumer, and it’s important to be able to tell the difference between the truth and the rumors. There are countless factors that go into determining your auto insurance rates, but there are also some things which simply don’t matter at all. Here are a few common myths about car insurance and the true facts behind them.

  • Color Matters– You may have heard the myth that red cars attract more tickets or that the color of your vehicle can affect the price of your auto insurance. The truth is, insures do not factor in whether you drive a hot pink or simple black vehicle when calculating your insurance premiums. They do however take into account many other physical factors about your vehicle such as the make, model, performance aspects and age.
  • Older Drivers Cost More– This is not simply false, most consumer reports indicated that the exact reverse is true. Younger drivers are actually more expensive to insure across the board than their older counterparts. Mature drivers with clean driving records can pay rates that are half as much as younger drivers in some cases. For aging drivers, there are countless safety refresher courses available which might even qualify you for a discount.
  • A friend’s insurance will cover them driving your vehicle–  In most cases the vehicle owners insurance policy is considered the default coverage should an accident occur. While your friend may have their own auto insurance, in most states the laws specify that because the vehicle is your property you are responsible for it and therefore your car insurance policy will be required to compensate any losses incurred by others as a result of your vehicle, regardless of who is driving.
  •  With your auto insurance, you can drive any vehicle– Auto insurance is a unique type of insurance because while it protects both the vehicle and it’s driver, in most cases coverage follows the vehicle. The liability coverage extension of an auto insurance policy will often extend to a policy holder while they are operating a vehicle other than the one they are primarily insured on; however there will likely be limits and exclusions. Car insurance is one of the most diverse policies and no two insurers will write a policy the same way.  Which means, not all drivers will be covered while driving a vehicle which is not their own in every circumstance.  It is important to know your policy and understand the coverage you are afforded in every situation.

Auto insurance is a necessity for all Newport News motorists; buy buying the right type of coverage for a competitive price from a sound insurance company in Newport News, Virginia is where it can get tricky. At Goodrich & Watson, we specialize in helping Newport News residents find quality Newport News car insurance solutions at affordable rates. Our Newport News auto insurance specialists can help assess needs and craft customized solutions to protect all your assets. Give our Newport News auto insurance specialists a call today at (888) 829-5004 to learn more about our operation and all our offerings.

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